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Bring the beach to your next gathering without the sand in your food with one of my serving boards.


The board you will receive is the size of your choosing with two frothy, undulating waves along either the short or long edge of the board.  The colours will be the same as pictured however as every resin piece is different the shape of the waves and graduation of colour will be unique to your board.  The grain of the timber will also be unique to your board with Camphor laurel slabs ranging in colour from a pale golden hue to a deep reddish brown, often combining in one beautiful display.


A special feature of all my boards is a silver turtle set in the clear top coat of resin near the shoreline, as if making it's way back to the ocean.  


This clear coat is also an important feature, but why?  While the resin section of your board should always be for decorative purposes only, a clear top coat without any colourants provides a safer surface in case of little mishaps. 


The solid Camphor Laurel board is sustainably sourced in Australia and made from a single piece of timber for strength and durability. 


A perfect gift for a special someone or treat yourself and add a conversation starter to your next gathering.



Fun Fact......

Camphor Laurel was introduced to Australia in 1822 as an ornamental and shade tree from SE Asia.  Due to its invasive nature it is now considered a noxious weed by Australian authorities and its removal is encouraged. 


Its timber has natural antibacterial properties making it the perfect choice for cutting and serving food on.



Rectangle Serving Boards