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Private Classes

Have you ever wanted to create your own ocean themed resin art piece?  Or perhaps something unique for yourself or a loved one.  Ever wanted to know how it's all done?  Well I can show you!

I can show you the secrets of creating those beautiful waves resin artists around the world strive to achieve and the techniques used to create texture and patterns in resin.

Choose Your Project

I have various items available for you to personalise.  Below are a selection of the more popular projects.  These may change and new items added from time to time.  I can also source specific pieces for you if there is something in particular you would like to work on.

Class Information

  • My private classes are for 1 to 4 people only.  Smaller class sizes means more 1 on 1 time with me.

  • Class Duration is approximately 2 hours. 

  • You will receive personal instruction, demonstration and assistance from myself. 

  • Students can choose to work on different types of projects, however the theme must be the same.  That is, all participants of the class must either work on an ocean themed piece or an abstract piece.  The techniques used are different  between each themed class so focusing on one theme per class means you will receive the best experience and instruction.  

  • You will be taken through safety protocols for working with epoxy resin.

  • ​You will use the products, supplies and tools that I use.   This includes all resin, colourants, heat guns, butane torches, mixing cups and tools.

  • You will prepare your chosen project including taping the back and priming / painting the surface if required, select your colours, mix and pour your resin.

  • Your project will take 24 hours to cure enough to touch after which you may collect your piece or I can arrange to have it delivered to you.




Should you wish, you can choose to add a clear top coat on your project.  I will  add this for you the following day.  As adding colourant affects the chemical make up of the resin, adding a clear coat will restore the integrity of the resin as well as add another level of glossiness to complete your piece.  I do this on all my pieces and recommend the same, however this is completely optional.  Extra charges will apply.

Important Information

Epoxy Resin is a Toxic Substance

It is important that you are aware of this. I will only use epoxy while wearing PPE and will therefore only conduct classes with participants who agree to wear PPE.  I will provide disposable nitrile gloves and a respirator for each participant to use.


Class Enquiry Form

Please complete the form to submit your enquiry

Thanks for your enquiry.  I will get back to you soon.

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